By commissioning me, you accept these terms

Last update: 20 February 2022



  • By commissioning me, you aknowledge the fact that my style may slightly vary from the examples in my gallery.

  • You must be 18 years old or older to commission work from me.

  • You acknowledge that I'm a digital illustrator and my work is digital only. There won't be any shipping of physical goods.

  • No one is allowed to mint my artwork as a NFT (Non Fungible Token); I'm not interested in partaking in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. My art, wether commissioned, pre-existing or merchandise work, can not be minted into an NFT by commissioner nor anyone else.

  • My work is for personal or private use only, meaning i do not allow my art to be used for unauthorized commercial purposes
    or profit unless commercial usage is specifically accorded at the time the order is made.


General ToS:

  •  I hold the right to refuse any commission at any time

  •  You pay before I beginn with your commission

  • Do not make any edits to my artwork, if you want something changed contact me. Credit is necessary when being posted to customers page, 


  •  I only take PayPal (EURO €) when it comes to commissions

Commercial Use:

  • Commercial Commission cost 3X the total, original price.

  • You will be given a Full License to use the commission commercially.

  • No Royalties of any kind will be applied, just a one-time payment license fee.


  •  I will not give a refund if you are unsatisfied with the finished product.

If you are unsatisfied with the piece, I am willing to discuss and make edits to the work. I will not re-do the drawing entirely. 

Design Rules:

By purchasing any design originally made by me, you automatically agree to the following conditions.

  • When trading/selling my design you are obliged to send my ToS to new owner.

  • Im the only one that can put the rules on my designs! (means, no saying "you're not allowed to trade them to anyone but me", etc)

  • If you use the original art created by me as a reference, you MUST credit me. Do not edit/draw over my art!

  • You may credit ownership to yourself, but you MAY NOT credit yourself for actually creating a design that I made.

  • Feel free to draw, write about, and role-play with the character. You may use the character commercially. Like making them a character in a comic, shirts, calendars, etc.

  • Commercial rights are not included! They need to be bought separately. They cost 3x the total based on the original price.

Artist Rights:


  • By owning a character design by me, you’re purchasing my labor, art, and only a partial right to a design. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales and self-promotion. But, this does not mean I can resell characters or that I OWN the character. it just means that I can post/show the art of those designs as example work and so on. The character is still yours in all of its entirety, but deigns are of my own original creation, so I can use the design to show people my artistic capability, or to promote design commissions, etc.

  • I claim all rights to the Intellectual Property, but I will not reuse/resell the design again for personal and commercial projects.

  • I reserve the right to reject your custom proposal without question.

  • I reserve the right to modify and keep or resell any rejected/refunded designs to be sold at a later date.

  • The complete payment transaction must be completed before you own a character.

  • All money must be paid or all art must be completed before you have ownership of a character.

  • If I make many attempts to contact you for the remainder of a transaction and you never get back to me, the transaction will be canceled, you will be refunded, and I will take my character back.

  • These terms are subject to change and you must follow any new rules as well.